Rail has been particularly in the spotlight this year, as 2021 became the European Year of Rail. The European Railway Award showcases rail’s impressive capabilities every year and we are currently looking for our next winner.

Do you know a leading voice who has succeeded in opening up political debate or implementing concrete policy shifts for rail?
Are you part of a campaign raising rail’s profile or a project, large or small, revolutionising the rail business?
Maybe you would like us to recognise a ground-breaking initiative supporting the rail mode in Europe?
Let us know about the inspiring achievements of Rail Trailblazers that are making a real difference to our sector.

We are accepting the nomination of candidates responding to the following eligibility criteria:

  • - Nominations can be for any individual, project, initiative, study, etc. having made a significant contribution to the European rail sector in any of the following areas: transport policy, sustainability, competitiveness and innovation, cross-border/cross-mode collaboration or social responsibility
  • - The candidate must be based in Europe
  • - Nominations must be for a relevant achievement with proven results demonstrating innovative thought leadership, inspiring activism or pioneering technological advances and real added value for the rail sector
  • - Nominations must include a clear description of the achievement that the person/project/initiative/study is being nominated for and be accompanied by a proper set of supporting documents (e.g. resume, articles, photos, presentations, videos, etc.) 

Nominations should be submitted online here by 15 September 2021.

Eligible candidates will be shortlisted and put to a jury vote.

In this special European Year of Rail, we are sure there have been many new bright ideas, ingenious innovations and bold initiatives devised to enhance, grow and strengthen the rail mode today and for the future. We look forward to discovering your nominations!